Problem Solving Process

A Fortune 100 company was facing stiff market competition that was incurring massive costs. A serious examination and solution for cost control was needed. Wisconsin Medmark was hired to host a session to deliver a comprehensive problem solving process to assist the sourcing organization in identifying, designing and executing changes to deliver reduced purchasing costs.

Our Solution

We began by familiarizing ourself with our client’s industry, diving deep into research and holding important conversations. Our team then surveyed our client project leaders to gain understanding on a few essential specifics: Do all parties agree on the problem? Do all parties appreciate the approach of training to provide common language and process? Do all parties consent to the time required for employees to be trained?

With this foundation in place, Wisconsin Medmark then designed and developed a one-day problem-solving process program as well as a train-the-trainer program. This enabled company employees to be instrumental in the roll-out of the training. 

Project Management
Relationship Management
Internal Marketing


The problem-solving training was successfully completed, and train-the-trainer implementation was received with overwhelming positivity. The important work continued with employees training employees until the company was purchased 18-months after the training was initiated.

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