“I am in many ways what I am today due to Wisconsin Medmark and Patricia Brigman.  The professional coaching and leadership skills she provided me over the years have helped me not only develop my leadership style, but also was an important component in helping me effectively coach and mentor others that looked to me as their leader and guide through the business world.  Wisconsin Medmark has provided very important skills and services from effective succession planning for companies I have led, to training that has allowed my respective teams to more effectively operate at a high performance problem solving team.”

Paul Gonsalves, Chief Commercial Officer, Integra Life Sciences

“Wisconsin Medmark has been an excellent partner to GE Healthcare for more than 32 years. The word ‘partner’ is often over-used, but that’s not the case with Wisconsin Medmark. The team understands our business, our market and our customers and has developed and delivers some of our most popular and long-running courses. The Wisconsin Medmark team consistently brings expertise not only in training development, but also facilitation. The team receives top marks from learners for engagement, content and learning outcomes. We utilize Wisconsin Medmark for all aspects of training – from research and development to classroom delivery and, now, e-learning development. When we have a new project, or one that we need a partner to manage, I never hesitate to contact Wisconsin Medmark because I know the work will be well done. This kind of true partnership brings peace of mind.”

Beth Schaul, Director, Commercial Learning & Development, US and Canada GE Healthcare

“Marquette University High School hired Wisconsin MedMark to ensure the institution’s strategic planning would be valuable and honest, and would produce an effective roadmap for the school’s future. We got all that in a process where the Medmark team would lead, facilitate or coach – whatever was best to achieve a final strategic plan and report that didn’t just end up on a bookshelf or hard drive.”

Kriss Schultz, Former VP, Marquette University High School

“Patricia Brigman has been an extremely valuable resource to our company.  She has helped us navigate through critical strategic decisions, helped us secure relationships with Fortune 500 companies and introduced us to individuals who would later become investors, a board member and key employees.  She has an uncanny knack for understanding a complex situation, simplifying it, and helping us make the best decision possible. I hope and intend to work with her for the foreseeable future.”

Dr. Joe Kohli, Surgeon, Founder and President, mpirik

“I have leveraged the coaching and consulting services of Patricia’s firm for more than 20 years. From my experience as a GE executive to running my own start-up, her council has acclerated my success. She combines the ability to allow teams to solve problems on their own with a bias for action that amplifies successful outcomes. Highly recommend her and her company.”

Don VanPool, Senior Director, Quality and Lean Six Sigma , GE Healthcare

“Medmark has helped me in different capacities at global companies at varying stages, publically-traded and start-ups. The team is responsive and eager to understand our needs in order to provide the right level of tangible support. I have also specifically used Patricia for personal coaching which has been invaluable.”

Guillaume Bailliard, President and CEO, ControlRad

“I have known Patricia Brigman for 35 years and had the opportunity to observe her many diverse and exceptional business skills dating back to when she was the General Manager of Product Planning for the Global CT business at GEHC. Since the formation of Wisconsin Medmark, I have used Patricia and her organization to facilitate and conduct numerous New Manager Assimilations and to provide personal, insightful, career development coaching to many staff executives. Inevitably, these engagements also provide her and her team with an opportunity to give strategic feedback and insight into the business vision as it relates to these individuals. I consider Wisconsin Medmark to be an invaluable resource and continue to use them in many of my roles as a Board Director and Investor.”

Paul Mirabella, Director/Investor, Retired Officer , GE Healthcare

“During my tenure as part of the administration and, subsequently, as a board member at St. Anthony School in Milwaukee, I enthusiastically recommended hiring Patricia Brigman to help us in the areas of strategic planning, marketing and communication. I knew from her stellar, compelling reputation that she would provide the direction and results that our organization needed. She became an integral part of our long-term planning process and was personally and professionally invested in our success. Her services helped to transform our organization from the inside out.”

Lydia LoCoco, Former VP, St. Anthony School of Milwaukee

“Engaging with Wisconsin Medmark has been and continues to be a valuable investment in the future of our organization. The training and strategic planning have moved us closer to excellence and provided a clear vision for the next stage of growth for our company.”

Tom Kelly, President, Kelmann Restoration

“Medmark has a unique coaching offering that really gets at the heart of the matter for both the coachee and the organization. Their alignment model ensures that there is a strong outcome based conversation that leaves nothing to chance.  The way they approach the coaching means that more often than not coachees have a personal transformational experience that stays with them for life.”

Audrey McGuckin, CEO, Audrey McGuckin Leadership Solutions

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