You won’t find any off-the-shelf work at Wisconsin MedMark. We create custom training to support exact client needs and initiatives. And when we leave, you own everything.

  • Technical sales training

  • Employee orientations

  • Leadership development

  • Virtual distance training

  • Course evaluations

Clients include Jabil, Integra Life Sciences, GE Company

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At Wisconsin MedMark, we use a triad approach to coaching: coachee, manager/HR, coach. All three points of the triad must stay in tune with each other to identify objectives, move towards productive behavior change and support the change with reinforcement.

  • Elevate your executive presence

  • Shift from tactical performance to strategic leadership

  • Create a cohesive team

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Clients include: Jabil Circuits, ControlRad, Integra Life Sciences, Guy&O’Neill, OSG Billing

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We dig deep to research market trends and work with your executive team to identify strengths, gaps and potential moves, all while staying attuned to buy-in and your ability to execute the strategy.

  • Identify market and customer trends

  • Secure team buy-in

  • Design and analyze SWOT information

  • Fund-raising, product development, market expansion and merger/acquisition direction

Clients include: Kelmann Restoration, Marquette University High School, Jabil Circuit, St. Anthony School of Milwaukee

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Wisconsin MedMark helps you identify critical product features, test features with focus groups, determine profitable price points, develop go-to-market strategies and support materials and more.

  • Orchestrate local and global focus groups

  • Develop new product specifications and pricing

  • Evaluate customer needs and feedback

  • Meet your sales and profit goals

Clients include: mpirik, ControlRad, Integra Life Sciences, GE, Marquette University High School

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We listen, understand outcomes and press for consistency in outcomes. The Wisconsin MedMark team develops agendas and works flexibly to adjust for emotions, tensions, revelations during a session.

  • Evaluate after mergers and acquisitions

  • Evaluate after culture shifts

  • Evaluate after company rightsizing

  • Meeting and focus group management

Clients include: ALaS, Integra Life Sciences, GE, Novartis

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