New Product Development

A mid-sized health care IT firm lacked a formal process for product development. Wisconsin Medmark was brought on to create a practical process specific to the industry and company. The organization and its systems had no avenue for product definition or development. Moreover, the firm needed to secure group buy-in on a the newly-created plan.

Our Solution

Wisconsin Medmark began the process by observing the national team over a two-day period. This enabled us to familiarize ourselves with the company, the employees, organizational culture and systems already in place. After this initial research and investigative period, we were able to identify and understand the product market, services and potential challenges. We also identified where the discipline gaps existed in order to suggest and help define a rigorous new process.

Project Management
Internal Marketing


Wisconsin Medmark offered a full assessment of processes in place. We also created an innovative, specific process for new product development from the voice of the customer through marketing product definition and engineering design response. The new process began to unfold until total management change occurred.

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