Strategy for Excellence

A Fortune 200 company needed a strategy to double their factory’s number of employees and footprint in an 18-month period, without changing their current levels of production. Wisconsin MedMark was called to devise a practical and timely solution. Our task was to both prepare the factory for change and construct a plan to achieve the overall goal.

Our Solution

The experts at Wisconsin Medmark met with company leadership and understood immediately that this rapid change needed full buy-in as well as specific action plans from all verticals in the plant. We created a schedule to meet individually with all factory leaders. We discussed the overall plan, and their specific concerns with the rapid growth as it related to their departments. We gave equal time to conversations about the plan’s opportunities and challenges. Leadership felt heard and their reflections were able to directly impact our plan going forward.

After this initial research phase, Wisconsin Medmark prepared a three-day strategy event to illuminate each groups’ concerns with potential solutions to overcome the identified barriers. We identified one overarching problem that needed to be addressed in order to make the plan successful: the company needed to take steps to achieve a better team cohesion.

Project Management
Relationship Management
Plan Construction


Led by Wisconsin Medmark, the team worked through the painful realities of the required growth pain and formulated actionable plans. Most importantly, all departments fully bought into the group devised plan. Compromise was emphasized throughout the process. Team activities in certain sessions were formed to help groups relieve tensions formed during the day’s discussions. The final result: a plant that doubled the employees, who were team players and trained on time.

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