Facilitating Team Cohesion

After a corporate merger, a Fortune 10 company’s team found themselves in a new work environment, with new and unfamiliar team members and processes.  The teams were combined from the two companies that were merged: the team members only knew how to work with people in their own products and processes, and weren’t sure how to navigate the new corporate landscape. Wisconsin MedMark was called in to help rebuild.

Our Solution

Wisconsin MedMark created an agenda for a two-day-long session to dig in with the individual teams and identify areas of overlap and areas of conflict. We mixed the attendees to form new groupings of employees from different disciplines in order to gain new insights and create an open, communicative environment. We evaluated how to streamline the common actions, choose the best of the contrasts, and created action plans to execute the decisions. In the evening, we organized a “just for fun” team event to build morale and foster new relationships.

Project Management
Relationship Management
Internal Marketing


Results of the session delivered new processes that were a combination of successful past efforts from both companies. All team members were on the same learning level, and were able to carry their hard-earned expertise into the company’s new era.

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